Event description

It’s more than clusters, workforce development or 20 year plans. It’s culture, collaboration and people who will save your community. When your community is loved, there is no limit to what is possible, no matter its size, location or history. It’s time for a Social Tilt. Only you can lead the movement.

Join us this fall to experience what community can be.

Chamber presidents, economic development employees, community builders and entrepreneurs will gather together to share ideas of how to build a vibrant community, what we call a startup community. Learn the programs and blueprints you can use in your community to kickstart innovation, connect passionate residents and build for the future.

This is not a normal conference. You will not be sitting listening to hour long speakers. You will not each boring sandwiches and bad coffee. This is about authenticity, artisans and pride in place.

You will go home armed with four key takeaways that will immediately change the trajectory of your town. Learn to:

  1. Educate your city
  2. Infuse the arts
  3. Build on bright spots
  4. Be radically inclusivity

Be bold and lead your community in a new direction. Learn where to start and how to implement these ideas at Social Tilt: City Builders.